Within some point, Capricorn fulfilled and made a binding agreement that have an excellent Celestial Spirit Mage called Layla Heartfilia


not, Layla turned fatigued and you may decided to retire from the girl lives once the a great Mage. She entrusted their around three comfort (Aquarius, Capricorn and you may Disease) to three the owners. One of several readers is Zoldeo, just who took Capricorn’s key. not, Capricorn produced a pact which have Layla, guaranteeing provide their strength so you can Layla’s man should your child chooses to realize the path off Wonders. Initially, Zoldeo accessible to the pact however, gradually turned into swallowed right up from the darkness and utilized their Magic towards Capricorn, breaking a taboo and you may winding up having Capricorn’s human body. Due to this, Capricorn been able to stay static in the human World for 17 ages. During this period, Ce a person in new 7 Kin regarding Purgatory of the Dark Guild Grimoire Center just like the ‘Caprico’. [18]

Tenrou Area arc

Capricorn first seems during the Grimoire Heart’s flying ship, stating never to undervalue the fresh new Fairy Tail Guild, and therefore he was produced for it big date. [6] He or she is after found are new workplace away from Yomazu and you will Kawazu. [19] Since airship draws closer to Tenrou Area, Caprico states he will take the brand new following battle positively. Then appears toward since Makarov spends their Large Wonders, intercepting the fresh airship in the bay from Tenrou Island. [20]

Shortly after Makarov attacks new airship, Hades says to Caprico to take someone aboard to the island, proclaiming that he’d yourself maintain Makarov. Caprico complies, having fun with their Miracle so you’re able to ‘store’ out all the their guild participants before traveling out from the best free hookup app Kent airship on his squirt-prepare. When he flies more Tenrou Island, he launches multiple bubbles containing the fresh new Grimoire Heart people. [21] The latest people next land all around the area, happy to battle Fairy End participants. [22]

Once the Lucy Heartfilia, Cana Alberona, Loke, and you can Gray Fullbuster begin dispatching the new cheaper-ranked participants, Caprico appears and you will transports him or her aside with his Wonders, stating they did not have new stamina needed to defeat him or her, and this the guy by yourself have a tendency to serve. Lucy and Loke show amaze at the your becoming a good goat. [23] Making use of high rate and you can strong kicks, the guy easily circulated numerous strong blows toward all regarding their rivals, knocking away Lucy and Cana and you will handling going to each other Grey and you will Loke that have various other stop, wearing the top of give. [24] While the Cana and you will Lucy return up, he teaches you into the five Mages what Grimoire Center intends to perform that have Zeref: to create a world in which non-Wonders pages don’t endure. [25] Loke explains that his brand of Destroyed Magic are Person Subordination Wonders, and that dampens the fresh Miracle and you may fighting prowess ones to your. [26]

Loke says to others that the opponent is so Capricorn, a fantastic key Celestial Spirit, and this because the guy themselves is not individual, Loke normally fight your toward equal ground, telling Lucy additionally the anybody else to leave, which they do it, albeit reluctantly. [27] Whenever the three leave, Loke energies upwards his finger which have light and you can blows Caprico, knocking him in reverse. Caprico immediately reacts of the kneeing Loke from the stomach following summoning a person entitled San Jiao Shin, who slashes Loke having an effective guan dao. Caprico states which he doesn’t have master, then ponders aloud on the Loke’s grasp. Then he knows that the blond woman one Loke quickly sent aside ‘s the child of Layla Heartfilia and goes berserk, bellowing which he will not let Lucy avoid in a single bit. [28]

Leo next understands that Caprico is possessed because of the a person heart. Just after Zoldeo tried to take over Leo’s system, the guy took a hit off Regulus, since Leo moved more his main Wonders in order to Capricorn. Capricorn uses Regulus in order to injure Loke and you will totally free him ahead of Zoldeo got control. [29] That have Zoldeo’s overcome, Capricorn are clear of their a lot of time enslavement, and he chooses to return to the brand new soul world to others and win back his strength before coming back to greatly help Lucy. [30]